1. Square One 2e1u

    addressing an interesting Utah peculiarity

  2. Waypoint for M&A

    adding acquisition-specific terms to the standard business NDA

  3. Specifically Regulating Standardized Contracting

    quick thoughts on the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016

  4. Square One Second Edition

    improved US hiring forms and terms

  5. Signature Blocks 101

    what goes where and why, in brief

  6. Contract by E-Mail

    contract power is in your hands

  7. Waypoint NDA 3.0.0

    small terms fixes, big presentation improvements

  8. The Guestbook NDA

    a standard one-way nondisclosure agreement

  9. One-Way NDA

    good names for the next standard NDA?

  10. Law Insider’s Contract Teardowns

    lawyers dissect specific contract language

  11. Flat Forms

    plain language should come in plain pieces

  12. Waypoint Turns Two

    stop wasting time on nondisclosure agreements

  13. Square One

    fair terms. free forms. back to work.

  14. Don’t Sign Blank Checks

    a problem of pattern recognition

  15. Let’s Not All Read Terms of Service

    common quips on website terms miss the point

  16. You Have to Build a Time Machine

    Eventbrite falls into the terms of service trap

  17. Signing by E-Mail

    a writing is a writing is a writing

  18. Turnstile 1e

    first edition and new website

  19. DMSimple

    plain and simple DMCA safe harbor terms

  20. Turnstile

    springboard website terms of service

  21. Progressive Standardization

    standardized contracting can also be flexible

  22. Springboard Agreements

    putting a name to a tool

  23. Name this Contract Type

    agreements incorporating all their terms by reference


    compare Common Form markup online


    try Common Form’s editing tools online

  26. Common Form, Simplified

    publish, share, save our souls

  27. Terms of Service, Take Two

    shorter, higher-level, more fun

  28. Terms of Service, Take One

    reviewing the terms you’ve already agreed to

  29. CCPA Service Provider Addendum

    plain, minimal form

  30. Paste Your Terms Into Your E-Mails

    why don’t we do the obvious thing?

  31. Waypoint Trademark

    protecting the integrity of a standard form

  32. Waypoint 2.0.0

    a more adaptable, international standard

  33. Waypoint Abroad

    seeking quick reads from non-US counsel

  34. PANDA for Privacy

    the NDA for your personal information

  35. Help Take the Waypoint NDA International

    a call for help from common-law colleagues

  36. The Waypoint NDA

    stop wasting time on NDAs

  37. Critique This License

    developing a standard paid-software license

  38. The Discipline of Stated Purpose

    write out the purposes of legal terms in contracts

  39. A Canting Tribe Are We

    attacking the NDA problem with standards networks

  40. Crowd Hiring

    assurance contracts for short-term open software maintenance

  41. Quick Read of Tidelift’s Lifting Agreement

    nits picked in the developer terms for a new pay-the-devs company

  42. Digging Contracts Out of the Hole

    simple tools for drafting to be proud of

  43. California Work Made for Hire Statutes

    work made for hire contracts can make contractors employees for state employment insurance purposes

  44. Plain GDPR Processor Addendum

    open form plain-language processor addendum

  45. Plain Terms of Service

    open form terms of service for websites

  46. Six Great Deals Books

    read these books

  47. Feed this Bear

    indie coder, promote thyself!

  48. Prescription Contracts

    thinking about direct lawyer guidance on


    breaking the NDA logjam

  50. Switchmode Developer Agreement

    an open form contract for open source contractors

  51. Open Software Service Terms

    legal terms for paid web apps, now available in the English language

  52. The Mendicant Maintainerati

    no holy fools for Open Source

  53. Emancipation by Reference

    I am just a copy of a copy of a copy. Everything I say you have read before.

  54. What Enumeration Means

    Enumeration is an essential contract drafting tool. Don’t disclaim it!

  55. Template Ambiguity

    Document assembly can make ambiguity even harder to spot.

  56. The Blanks Problem

    A tough Common Form design decision explained.

  57. Term Injection

    Fighting insertion of unexpected terms in automated form contracts

  58. Certificated Assent

    How signed is signed enough for a hosted software licensing deal?

  59. Reproduction of Hierarchy

    Markdown isn’t great for contracts. HTML5 is better.

  60. Index Card Contracts

    Common Form for paper people

  61. Grab-Bag Contracts

    Might we write contracts like we fill shopping bags at the grocery store?

  62. Named Provisions

    If contract section numbers are just another namespace, can they be replaced with defined terms?

  63. Modularity is not the Law

    Ancient and modern principles of contract interpretation work against contracts made of modular parts

  64. The Halliburton Hypothesis

    Quantifying the negotiating process to mount attacks on the confidentiality of a public contract forms repository

  65. Common Form

    Composable, verifiable, shareable form contracts for the modern practice of law