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  1. Big Time Public License 2.0.0

    much improved by generous feedback

  2. MIT for Noncommercial is Broken

    use a real noncommercial software license

  3. Standardize Commercial Software Licensing

    announcing PolyForm Commercial, with a call for help

  4. License Round-Up

    listing licenses I’ve contributed to

  5. Big Time Public License 1.0.0

    a FRAND-ly license for software

  6. Speedier Git for Text File Tracking

    streamlining for small, fast commits to personal records

  7. PolyForm Defensive is Now PolyForm Shield

    feedback strikes again

  8. Acceptable Use

    different delivery, same rules

  9. Normally Open & Normally Closed

    simple templates for restricted terms

  10. PolyForm Noncompete Licenses

    two new, long-awaited forms

  11. Noncompete By Two Other Names

    Why are the last PolyForm licenses taking so long?

  12. Not Not Political

    if software matters, it’s already political

  13. Patent Potato

    the game that never ends

  14. Renaming API Copyleft

    naming for purpose, not implementation

  15. API Copyleft 2.0.0-pre.1

    bringing the best of Parity to API Copyleft

  16. git push is the Process

    permissionless license development now

  17. Big Time Public License

    a noncommercial, small-biz license with a big-biz fair terms guarantee

  18. PolyForm 1.0.0

    standard noncommercial software licenses at last

  19. Heather Meeker on Patent Risk Allocation

    unique compilation of arguments and dynamics

  20. Operating Environment

    essential industry background for reading open software licenses

  21. PolyForm Project

    simple, standard, plain-language software licenses

  22. Critique This License

    developing a standard paid-software license

  23. Proseline

    peer to peer prose editing


    breaking the NDA logjam

  25. What Enumeration Means

    Enumeration is an essential contract drafting tool. Don’t disclaim it!

  26. Reproduction of Hierarchy

    Markdown isn’t great for contracts. HTML5 is better.

  27. Common Form

    Composable, verifiable, shareable form contracts for the modern practice of law