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Nondisclosure Agreement

  1. Zelensky Compound NDA

    the mystery of the ritual runs deeper than law

  2. Second Draft of Waypoint for M&A

    refining acquisition-specific terms to the standard business NDA

  3. Waypoint for M&A

    adding acquisition-specific terms to the standard business NDA

  4. Waypoint NDA 3.0.0

    small terms fixes, big presentation improvements

  5. The Guestbook NDA

    a standard one-way nondisclosure agreement

  6. One-Way NDA

    good names for the next standard NDA?

  7. Waypoint Turns Two

    stop wasting time on nondisclosure agreements

  8. The Doorway NDA

    lawyers earning their stereotypes

  9. Waypoint Trademark

    protecting the integrity of a standard form

  10. Waypoint 2.0.0

    a more adaptable, international standard

  11. Waypoint Abroad

    seeking quick reads from non-US counsel

  12. Help Take the Waypoint NDA International

    a call for help from common-law colleagues

  13. The Waypoint NDA

    stop wasting time on NDAs