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  1. Big Time Public License 2.0.0

    much improved by generous feedback

  2. MIT for Noncommercial is Broken

    use a real noncommercial software license

  3. GPL Had Better be a Contract

    SFC’s Vizio suit brings the right kind of claim

  4. License Round-Up

    listing licenses I’ve contributed to

  5. Big Time Public License 1.0.0

    a FRAND-ly license for software

  6. Citation Hustle

    hooking into academe for fair code credit

  7. Drafter’s Anxiety

    writing new licenses isn’t scary

  8. Code Credit License 1.0.0

    a code-for-credit software license

  9. Normally Open & Normally Closed

    simple templates for restricted terms

  10. Sharetribe Community Public License 1.0, Line by Line

    another everything-but-SaaS license

  11. Open Source for Business 3e

    new edition of an oft-recommended book

  12. This Mess We’re In

    ethics, open source, and free riding

  13. Skimming Hippocratic License Version 2.0

    text and quick thoughts

  14. Renaming API Copyleft

    naming for purpose, not implementation

  15. API Copyleft 2.0.0-pre.1

    bringing the best of Parity to API Copyleft

  16. git push is the Process

    permissionless license development now

  17. Big Time Public License

    a noncommercial, small-biz license with a big-biz fair terms guarantee

  18. MulanPSL

    a new riff on the Apache patent bargain from China

  19. “BSD with PATENTS” and “BSD-2-Clause Plus Patent” are Not the Same

    similar licenses, very different receptions

  20. Love this License

    law brut with ASCII art

  21. Require Credit For Your Software

    a general-purpose legal tool to require credit for open work

  22. Indie Open Source

    developing resource for indie-ready business models

  23. The Discipline of Stated Purpose

    write out the purposes of legal terms in contracts

  24. Apache-2.0 versus ECL-2.0

    a redline (diff) showing substantive changes

  25. Private Changes in Free Software Copyleft Licenses

    Where’s the fifth freedom?

  26. Unhappy Coincidences

    marriages of licensing convenience, and changed circumstances

  27. The Posterity Public License

    a strong-attribution open source license

  28. MPL-2.0 versus OPL-2.1

    a redline (diff) showing changes

  29. Licence Libre du Québec – Réciprocité versus - Réciprocité forte

    a redline (diff) showing changes

  30. Open Source: Theory of Operation

    a short, practical guide to open source software for programmers at work