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  1. Priest Against Priesthood

    father of FORTRAN on programming in the fifties

  2. HTML Scripting Tools

    a few free packages I’ve come to use

  3. Two Tiny Web Apps

    long-serving micro-groupware


    compare Common Form markup online


    try Common Form’s editing tools online

  6. Common Form, Simplified

    publish, share, save our souls

  7. Teach Everyone to Be Like Us

    Moxie Marlinspike, wiser than he may have known

  8. XML versus JSON

    key quote form a great paper

  9. The JavaScript Joke Was on Me

    or, a few things learned the hard way

  10. Hacking Common Form

    Overview of existing Common Form software for programmers

  11. vesting.js

    From code to law and back again

  12. deflect.js

    An ECMAScript module fusing Node.js error-first convention with continuation passing style, plus a twist to make composed stacks of asynchronous functions dynamic