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Series: The Waypoint NDA

  1. Waypoint NDA 4.0.0

    now with mergers and acquisitions terms

  2. Second Draft of Waypoint for M&A

    refining acquisition-specific terms to the standard business NDA

  3. Waypoint for M&A

    adding acquisition-specific terms to the standard business NDA

  4. Waypoint NDA 3.0.0

    small terms fixes, big presentation improvements

  5. One-Way NDA

    good names for the next standard NDA?

  6. Waypoint Turns Two

    stop wasting time on nondisclosure agreements

  7. Waypoint Trademark

    protecting the integrity of a standard form

  8. Waypoint 2.0.0

    a more adaptable, international standard

  9. Waypoint Abroad

    seeking quick reads from non-US counsel

  10. Help Take the Waypoint NDA International

    a call for help from common-law colleagues

  11. The Waypoint NDA

    stop wasting time on NDAs

  12. A Canting Tribe Are We

    attacking the NDA problem with standards networks