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  1. Utah Social Media Regulation Act

    two new laws on social media and children

  2. Doormat 1e

    free no-log, no-track privacy policy

  3. No Thanks

    software freedom without programmers

  4. Do Not Track or Do Not Sell

    conflict or convenience?

  5. CCPA Service Provider Addendum

    plain, minimal form

  6. Here Comes the CCPA

    my annotated copy of the statute

  7. PANDA for Privacy

    the NDA for your personal information

  8. Plain GDPR Processor Addendum

    open form plain-language processor addendum

  9. Annotations in Context

    A first attempt at useful, responsible Common Form annotations

  10. Terms of Service; Already Read

    Verifiable contracts should help consumers, too.

  11. Blind Patches

    What if open-source contributors could submit patches anonymously and choose to claim credit later?

  12. FTC 2014 Year in Review

    What do the FTC’s 2014 privacy and security enforcement actions teach tech companies?

  13. Deep Data Privacy Risk

    Cheap storage technology isn’t just changing what information we store; it’s also changing how we store familiar kinds of information. Both developments have implications for privacy.