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Ethics Licenses

  1. Open RAIL-M Is More Unclear Than Scary

    Does AI devs want to fight abuse, or just not feel bad about enabling it?

  2. Creative Commons’ 2021-2025 Strategy

    a scene stalwart turns “ethical”

  3. ml5.js Takes a Stand

    a code of conduct with teeth, in the wild

  4. This Mess We’re In

    ethics, open source, and free riding

  5. Skimming Hippocratic License Version 2.0

    text and quick thoughts

  6. Talking Points: Ethical Licenses

    collecting points and counterpoints

  7. Our Ethics, Not Yours

    in defense of Seth Vargo and morality-first licenses

  8. Ethical Subcommons Starter Kit

    bringing openness to software of moral concern