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Legal Technology

  1. Legal Versioning

    refined scheme for functional prose projects

  2. Getting the Most From Common Computer Filing Systems

    fundamental techniques for Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and others

  3. Fast Path

    cutting-edge legal terms for software license sales

  4. To-Do List Polling

    event-based meatspace task management

  5. What Do We Call Functional Specs for Legal Forms?

    seeking help naming a concept

  6. Redlining in Microsoft Word 365

    a step-by-step guide to comparing legal drafts

  7. Contract by E-Mail

    contract power is in your hands

  8. In Praise of Cron

    seventies-era automation for the working lawyer

  9. Legal Technology as Regulatory Arbitrage

    a countervailing force toward specialization

  10. Templating for Lawyers

    learn computer templateering in five minutes flat

  11. Printing Booklets

    less paper, easier reading

  12. Don’t Pitch Lawyers

    pitch clients

  13. Judicial Website, No Money Down

    sustainability, government style

  14. Signing by E-Mail

    a writing is a writing is a writing

  15. Against Legal Technology

    beyond the latest office software

  16. Short Spiel on Legal Tech

    law’s retrograde rep is more about tech than law

  17. The Doorway NDA

    lawyers earning their stereotypes

  18. Paste Your Terms Into Your E-Mails

    why don’t we do the obvious thing?

  19. Crowd Hiring

    assurance contracts for short-term open software maintenance

  20. Nobody’s Clients