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  1. Open Gaming Deja Vu

    a clear-eyed view of open from 1999

  2. Work Made for Hire … or Not

    one source of complexity in intellectual property terms

  3. DMCASimple 1e

    another new first edition and website

  4. Copyright Notices Begone

    pointless costs of ancient licenses

  5. Public Domain Appendix

    public license for From Dictatorship to Democracy

  6. Oracle v. Google Oral Argument

    major league copyright lawyering at bat

  7. Pay-Per-Law, Inc.

    the glory and agony of Georgia v. Public Resource

  8. Open COVID Pledge

    public licensing for pandemic response

  9. Data Under Universal Share-Alike

    limits on effective data copyleft

  10. CASE Act Flythrough

    notes from a quick read of H.R. 2426

  11. California Work Made for Hire Statutes

    work made for hire contracts can make contractors employees for state employment insurance purposes

  12. IP Field Guide

    publicly licensed, publicly available intro for non-lawyers