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  1. On-Cloud Licensing

    the wheel of software delivery keeps on turning

  2. This Rich To Open Source

    neglected Torvalds straight-talk on how great software gets made, and by who

  3. Fast Path

    cutting-edge legal terms for software license sales

  4. Pay the Fiddler

    pithy wisdom from days of yore

  5. L. Peter Deutsch and Stig Hackvän

    cooperation, licensing, and money in 1998

  6. The Luck of Open Source

    open source without great men

  7. Section 1106 (Loan Forgiveness) of the CARES Act

    formatted, linked, and linkable

  8. Name Calling Isn’t Precise

    “neo-closed” will come and go

  9. The Tyranny of Time

    licensing gives developers much-needed flexibility