1. ml5.js Takes a Stand

    a code of conduct with teeth, in the wild

  2. The War on License Notices

    managing uncertainty at the fringes of open licensing

  3. Copyright Notices Begone

    pointless costs of ancient licenses

  4. PolyForm Defensive is Now PolyForm Shield

    feedback strikes again

  5. Acceptable Use

    different delivery, same rules

  6. Round Robin 1.0.0

    ready for the field

  7. Round Robin License

    new name, new terms, same great idea

  8. PolyForm Noncompete Licenses

    two new, long-awaited forms

  9. Open COVID Pledge

    public licensing for pandemic response

  10. Noncompete By Two Other Names

    Why are the last PolyForm licenses taking so long?

  11. Sharetribe Community Public License 1.0, Line by Line

    another everything-but-SaaS license

  12. CERN OHL-S 2.0, Line by Line

    the open share-alike hardware license we actually need now?

  13. Medtronic’s PB560 Ventilator License, Line by Line

    medical device company devises copyleft license

  14. Not Those Dreams

    Nintendo purges Mario from Dreams

  15. Copyleft Has No Posse

    war is over, want it or not

  16. Dreams Creates a Commons?

    a video game for making video games

  17. Data Under Universal Share-Alike

    limits on effective data copyleft

  18. Open Source Should Come With Warranties

    (from the companies who use it)

  19. What did I just agree to?

    Marc Jones on oddities in OSI-approved licenses

  20. Luis Villa’s Licensing Year in Review

    harassment made the list, and should have

  21. Starting Noncommercial

    famous projects that started noncommercial

  22. Correct and Intuitive Fairness

    How can a license say what “fair” is ahead of time?

  23. Talking Points: Ethical Licenses

    collecting points and counterpoints

  24. Universal Share-Alike License

    copyleft across different kinds of work

  25. Heather Meeker on “Ethos Licensing”

    free and open is ethos licensing, too

  26. Blue Oak Guide to Copyleft

    short introduction and license families

  27. Blue Oak Test Suite

    test cases for new public licenses

  28. XLC Building Blocks

    essential concepts and vocabulary for cross-license collaboratives

  29. Cross-License Collaboratives

    decentralizing contributor license agreements

  30. Standards, Patents, Open Source

    towards constructive collaboration across practice communities

  31. No LICENSE

    they won’t see your funding plea if they never look

  32. Our Ethics, Not Yours

    in defense of Seth Vargo and morality-first licenses

  33. The Tyranny of Time

    licensing gives developers much-needed flexibility

  34. Open Legal Podcast?

    considering an open legal podcast

  35. Changeblog

    a few thoughts on a friend’s podcast appearance

  36. PolyForm 1.0.0

    standard noncommercial software licenses at last

  37. Heather Meeker on Patent Risk Allocation

    unique compilation of arguments and dynamics

  38. Operating Environment

    essential industry background for reading open software licenses

  39. SSPL Was Not Commons Clause

    how open licensing blew its biggest opportunity of the 2010s

  40. PolyForm Project

    simple, standard, plain-language software licenses

  41. Mortarboard Licenses

    graduate to new public license terms

  42. Tyranny of Permissionlessness

    open source’s narrow focus further empowers those with other ways to exclude

  43. Don’t Rely on OSI Approval

    activist approval does not track practical needs

  44. AFL-3.0 versus OSL-3.0

    a redline (diff) with important network terms highlighted

  45. #wontfix

    endorsements can’t fix the Open Source Definition

  46. Enterprise Ready Open Software License Supplement

    the status quo, plus money for devs

  47. Stairway to Heaven

    repairing broken steps to software license Nirvana

  48. The Diachronic Treadmill License

    automatically reward supporters with copyleft exceptions

  49. License Utopia

    just four licenses for all of open source

  50. Ethical Subcommons Starter Kit

    bringing openness to software of moral concern

  51. Weak or Strong is Wrong

    towards selective or consistent copyleft

  52. Deprecation Notice: MIT and BSD

    it’s time to retire thirty-year-old academic licenses

  53. Blue Oak Council

    opening the software commons to everyone

  54. Open Source Software License Reading List

    a comprehensive curriculum for new license wonks

  55. First Thoughts on the Redis Source Available License Agreement

    evident demand for license rules on API boundaries

  56. API Copyleft License 1.0.0

    first release of API-boundary copyleft form

  57. API Copyleft

    functionality, interfaces, and line drawing in a new copyleft paradigm

  58. Shared Component License

    first shot at a short, plain license in the vein of Mongo’s SSPL

  59. Open Source is Not About You

    a minimal, functionalist view of open source

  60. Open Handicaps

    Did permissive used to advantage open work like copyleft does today?

  61. Selective Openness

    making money by choosing what to give away

  62. The Open Source Definition as Copyleft Regulation

    an in-depth review of commonly cited criteria

  63. The Copyleft Bust Up

    loopholes, licenses, and realpolitik in open source

  64. How to Speak Copyleft

    the missing vocabulary of copyleft design

  65. Elsewhere: Mapping Open Business Models

    crosspost from the License Zero blog

  66. Seeking Comment: Copyright Notice Recommendation

    first stab at a pragmatic best-practice guide

  67. Indirect Licensing

    dispensing software licenses in the Internet era

  68. Contributor Councils

    relicensing without foundation, BDFL, or unanimity

  69. Enforce Open Source Licenses with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    takedown power for DIY developers

  70. Public Domain Chronicle

    a fast, easy, and free way to secure scientific methods and findings for the public domain

  71. I Have Another Blog

    you may want to subscribe on License Zero, too

  72. CLAs are Not a Sham

    licensing with friends, improved and improving

  73. Overkill

    doing IP law wrong, and getting away with it

  74. The License Zero Manifesto

    sustainable software in the open

  75. Null Value

    against demise of the hacker public license

  76. Open Source License Business Perception Report

    the pain and confusion of common open licenses, roughly quantified

  77. Against Legislating the Nonobvious

    short-order feedback on the default contributor license in GitHub’s draft terms of service

  78. The MIT License, Line by Line

    171 words every programmer should understand

  79. I Don’t Want to Know What “Open Source” Means

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all on GitHub.

  80. License from Who?

    Safe open-source licensing means more than a LICENSE file.

  81. The Berneout Pledge

    Sucks less than CLAs!

  82. First Read: The Fair Source License

    Text and my first thoughts on a new, non-open source form license

  83. React Patent Redline

    Changes to Facebook’s patent grant for React, Flux, Immutable, &c.