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Open Source Initiative

  1. The Open Source Initiative Did Not Win Neo4j v. PureThink

    everywhere it looks, OSI sees itself, and in triumph

  2. “Open Source” Is Nobody’s Property

    if OSI owned it, they wouldn’t be so touchy about it

  3. What did I just agree to?

    Marc Jones on oddities in OSI-approved licenses

  4. Don’t Rely on OSI Approval

    activist approval does not track practical needs

  5. #wontfix

    endorsements can’t fix the Open Source Definition

  6. The Open Source Definition as Copyleft Regulation

    an in-depth review of commonly cited criteria

  7. The Copyleft Bust Up

    loopholes, licenses, and realpolitik in open source

  8. How to Speak Copyleft

    the missing vocabulary of copyleft design

  9. Debian Free Software Guidelines versus the Open Source Definition

    a redline (diff) showing changes