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Business Models

  1. PolyForm Countdown

    a simple, solid form for changing your license later

  2. A Short, Simple Template for Scheduled Relicensing

    decouple license rules from how we relax them

  3. Two Kinds of “Relicensing”

    going-forward and retroactive

  4. Two Kinds of “Dual Licensing”

    a license operator and a business model

  5. Delayed Release in Investigative Reporting

    newsroom licensing strategy in familiar software terms

  6. MicroHub Sponsorplace

    one software store, many corporate faces

  7. Open Licensing Attacks on Specific Business Models

    an incomplete list

  8. From Justice With Love

    the antitrust division groks open source strategy

  9. Working in Public

    now comes the coder-celebrity

  10. Name Calling Isn’t Precise

    “neo-closed” will come and go

  11. Cross-License Collaboratives

    decentralizing contributor license agreements

  12. Open Core is Not a Good Story

    three better ways to express yourself and your company

  13. Is this conference a good idea?

    forthcoming talk at a conference

  14. Mortarboard Licenses

    graduate to new public license terms

  15. Schools of Cohesion

    exploring the crosswise policy biases we learn from open software

  16. Enterprise Ready Open Software License Supplement

    the status quo, plus money for devs

  17. Stairway to Heaven

    repairing broken steps to software license Nirvana

  18. Indie Open Source

    developing resource for indie-ready business models

  19. Selective Openness

    making money by choosing what to give away