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Software Industry

  1. EULAs Aren’t Inherently Evil

    proprietary done right can beat free and open for users

  2. The Russians Are Coming

    hire the nerds for peace, profit, and progress!

  3. Russia to Legalize Software Piracy

    my show is canceled, business news reports

  4. Devs Use Closed Software

    too many devs pretend otherwise

  5. Universal Basic Cop-Out

    We know how to pay devs for software. Some of us just prefer not to.

  6. Software Pay Data 2020

    data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  7. Fast Path

    cutting-edge legal terms for software license sales

  8. All Heroes, No Casualties

    where are our stories of tech folks done wrong?

  9. Locked-In Customers Anonymous

    stop buying software from assholes

  10. Site of Shame

    if you can’t negotiate, castigate?

  11. Starting Noncommercial

    famous projects that started noncommercial

  12. Get In, Get Out

    open source advice for new programmers breaking into the industry