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  1. Understanding “RISC-y Business”

    trading chips progression for chips advantage

  2. Pay the Fiddler

    pithy wisdom from days of yore

  3. All Heroes, No Casualties

    where are our stories of tech folks done wrong?

  4. Seven Ways to Say “Inequality”

    a short study in the rhetoric of policy

  5. It’s a Trap

    avoid legal structures designed to constrain you

  6. Platform Neutrality

    we used to have a principle for this

  7. We Are All Internet Realists Now

    web exceptionalism swings both ways

  8. Fake Neutrality

    have it your way ‘til they can afford to have it theirs

  9. The Tension

    panning for hope in a very angry America

  10. No War on Coronavirus

    remembering the other way to see our problems

  11. Lies My Law School Told Me

    in praise of bad propaganda

  12. Not the Type

    tech exceptionalism in limp words and phrases

  13. Expert Failure

    lawyers learning from scientists

  14. Programmer Power

    prying open “software freedom”

  15. Threat Rhetoric

    narrative error in policing

  16. Anything to Everyone

    “defund the police” through the lens of “open source”

  17. Narrative Error

    that’s my hero story, and I’m sticking to it

  18. Facing the Choir

    reading and hearing American police unions

  19. Oakland Police Commission

    money, gas, rubber, and “fuck”

  20. The March in Oakland

    a flyover, firsthand account of rally and march

  21. Not Not Political

    if software matters, it’s already political

  22. Untangling Tech Merit and Tech Privilege

    section 230 is but one kind of subsidy

  23. Reduce, Reuse, Reconsider

    if you wish to make a great hacker from scratch, let them reimplement the universe

  24. Scratch Other People’s Itches

    achieve more meaning and feel less alone

  25. The Main Event

    Amazon versus Startups and the New York Times

  26. Venture Capital Shill

    scapegoating free software’s failures

  27. Heather Meeker on “Ethos Licensing”

    free and open is ethos licensing, too

  28. Our Ethics, Not Yours

    in defense of Seth Vargo and morality-first licenses