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Series: Killjoy

  1. Open Source Unsolved Security

    the pointy-headed corpo-types warned us

  2. Open Market for Open Software

    coders who can’t afford to do open source will revolutionize software

  3. Compliance Industrial Pulpit

    someone tell the enterprise about Open Source 2.0

  4. Copyleft Should be Scary

    if the virus wasn’t scary, would we wash out hands?

  5. Open Source Should Come With Warranties

    (from the companies who use it)


    they won’t see your funding plea if they never look

  7. Indirect Licensing

    dispensing software licenses in the Internet era

  8. Patents for Software Freedom

    gun-shy insurgents and the heavy weapons of IP law

  9. Bilking Angels

    celestial finance for earth-bound developers

  10. Enforce Open Source Licenses with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    takedown power for DIY developers