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Software Licensing

  1. Putting Software in the Public Domain

    if you want “waive” or “dedicate”, you should probably just “license”

  2. EULAs Aren’t Inherently Evil

    proprietary done right can beat free and open for users

  3. Switching Open Software Terms

    yes, you can switch from MIT to something else

  4. Russia to Legalize Software Piracy

    my show is canceled, business news reports

  5. Fast Path

    cutting-edge legal terms for software license sales

  6. Blue Oak Open Software Licensing Primer

    Theory of Operation, updated and expanded

  7. GPL Had Better be a Contract

    SFC’s Vizio suit brings the right kind of claim

  8. The Developer Certificate of Origin is Not a Contributor License Agreement

    dispelling magical DCO thinking to reveal the system below