Law Practice

  1. DMSimple

    plain and simple DMCA safe harbor terms

  2. Turnstile

    springboard website terms of service

  3. Progressive Standardization

    standarized contracting can also be flexible

  4. Springboard Agreements

    putting a name to a tool

  5. Lawyerization

    vocabulary for lawyer involvement and influence

  6. Name this Contract Type

    agreements incorporating all their terms by reference

  7. Allowable Tolerances

    law can learn a lot from the trades

  8. Common Form, Simplified

    publish, share, save our souls

  9. The Tote Bag

    remembering the Great Recession

  10. Intelligent Perception

    low bow to the legal laity

  11. Against Legal Technology

    beyond the latest office software

  12. World Tour Canceled

    mouse best plans, but what ado now?

  13. Short Spiel on Legal Tech

    law’s retrograde rep is more about tech than law

  14. Portland Trip Confirmed

    February 23 to February 29

  15. Portland in February

    See you there?

  16. The Doorway NDA

    lawyers earning their stereotypes

  17. Paste Your Terms Into Your E-Mails

    why don’t we do the obvious thing?

  18. TNR12 and Be There

    learning from others

  19. Nomadic Lawyering

    office out, travel in?

  20. Dark Arts at Daybreak

    the end of club rule in open source law

  21. Deal Mechanic

    The writing on the door.

  22. Emancipation by Reference

    I am just a copy of a copy of a copy. Everything I say you have read before.

  23. Startup Unix

    An open legal operating system for start-up technology companies

  24. Value Statement

    as found at the feet of my bills