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Legal Profession

  1. Briefless Barristers and Lawyerless Clients

    future Supreme Court justice to young lawyers in 1939

  2. Authority and Expertise

    digging up the land mines of attorney-client relations

  3. Types of Lawyers

    major food groups for clients

  4. Expert Failure

    lawyers learning from scientists

  5. No Justice

    facing the mirror in a time of inequality

  6. Allowable Tolerances

    law can learn a lot from the trades

  7. Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

    Californians probably can’t do advance directives right now, but that’s likely not what they need

  8. California Medical Directives at Home

    Can we get our end-of-life wishes down without breaking health orders?

  9. Medical Advance Directives Working Group

    looking for lawyers, translators, and editors


    shareable explainer page

  11. I Am Not Advising Legally

    smart people don’t understand lawyers’ disclaimers

  12. Nobody’s Clients

  13. It’s Not About Community

    another view of Open Source

  14. I’ll Never Be a Super Lawyer

    In feigned ignorance there is no grace.