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  1. Correct and Intuitive Fairness

    How can a license say what “fair” is ahead of time?

  2. Reading the WeAllJS Code of Conduct

    line-by-line and off-the-cuff

  3. AFL-3.0 versus OSL-3.0

    a redline (diff) with important network terms highlighted

  4. The Discipline of Stated Purpose

    write out the purposes of legal terms in contracts

  5. Unhappy Coincidences

    marriages of licensing convenience, and changed circumstances

  6. Six Great Deals Books

    read these books

  7. Transparent Contract Components

    sharper tools, finer toolmarks

  8. MPL-2.0 versus OPL-2.1

    a redline (diff) showing changes

  9. Lexical Scope for Contracts

    wandering ever closer to LISP

  10. Licence Libre du Québec – Réciprocité versus - Réciprocité forte

    a redline (diff) showing changes

  11. Contract Components

    fine-grained means of abstraction in legal drafting

  12. First Read: The Fair Source License

    Text and my first thoughts on a new, non-open source form license

  13. Named Provisions

    If contract section numbers are just another namespace, can they be replaced with defined terms?