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  1. Paste Your Terms Into Your E-Mails

    why don’t we do the obvious thing?

  2. Correct and Intuitive Fairness

    How can a license say what “fair” is ahead of time?

  3. Digging Contracts Out of the Hole

    simple tools for drafting to be proud of

  4. California Work Made for Hire Statutes

    work made for hire contracts can make contractors employees for state employment insurance purposes

  5. Six Great Deals Books

    read these books

  6. Certificated Assent

    How signed is signed enough for a hosted software licensing deal?

  7. Grab-Bag Contracts

    Might we write contracts like we fill shopping bags at the grocery store?

  8. Named Provisions

    If contract section numbers are just another namespace, can they be replaced with defined terms?

  9. vesting.js

    From code to law and back again

  10. The Halliburton Hypothesis

    Quantifying the negotiating process to mount attacks on the confidentiality of a public contract forms repository

  11. FTC 2014 Year in Review

    What do the FTC’s 2014 privacy and security enforcement actions teach tech companies?

  12. Common Form

    Composable, verifiable, shareable form contracts for the modern practice of law