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  1. Universal Share-Alike License

    copyleft across different kinds of work

  2. Venture Capital Shill

    scapegoating free software’s failures

  3. Blue Oak Guide to Copyleft

    short introduction and license families

  4. Standards, Patents, Open Source

    towards constructive collaboration across practice communities

  5. License Utopia

    just four licenses for all of open source

  6. Weak or Strong is Wrong

    towards selective or consistent copyleft

  7. First Thoughts on the Redis Source Available License Agreement

    evident demand for license rules on API boundaries

  8. API Copyleft License 1.0.0

    first release of API-boundary copyleft form

  9. API Copyleft

    functionality, interfaces, and line drawing in a new copyleft paradigm

  10. Shared Component License

    first shot at a short, plain license in the vein of Mongo’s SSPL

  11. Outer Source

    open software by closed methods

  12. Open Handicaps

    Did permissive used to advantage open work like copyleft does today?

  13. The Open Source Definition as Copyleft Regulation

    an in-depth review of commonly cited criteria

  14. The Copyleft Bust Up

    loopholes, licenses, and realpolitik in open source

  15. How to Speak Copyleft

    the missing vocabulary of copyleft design