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  1. Be the Water Boy (or Girl!) for Your Neighborhood

    East Oakland Collective’s EBMUD hydrant meter is ready for action

  2. Hydrant Meter for the Homeless

    a giant step forward for East Oakland Collective and EBMUD

  3. Help Fund Water for the Homeless

    legal access to public water for the East Bay’s unhoused

  4. 2020 Oakland Homeless Camp Fires

    data from public records request

  5. 2020 Annual Homeless Assessment Report

    bold text from the key findings

  6. Water Manifolds

    hydrant-based access for the homeless of the Tenderloin

  7. Water Team on The Oaklandside

    local news org covers water access proposals

  8. Electric, Light, Organized

    flameless light and power stopgaps for the homeless

  9. EBMUD for All

    open letter for homeless access to water

  10. California Welfare and Institutions Code 17000

    on the books since 1965

  11. Son of Water Boy

    latest lessons and tips

  12. Water Boy

    working up a playbook for supplying urban campers