1. Sell Babel 8

    ask for the money you need so people can actually pay it

  2. Judicial Website, No Money Down

    sustainability, government style

  3. Amateur Open Econ Toolkit

    compendium of concepts, theories, and theorists

  4. Working in Public

    now comes the coder-celebrity

  5. Common-Pool Pushovers

    Elinor Ostrom without boundaries

  6. Sustain Podcast

    business models, licenses, role playing

  7. npm fund

    new subcommand and metadata standard

  8. npm fund

    new subcommand and metadata standard

  9. Calls to Sustainability Action via package.json

    a new proposal, schema, and tools

  10. Back to IP

    the copyright giant has a policy

  11. Open Handicaps

    Did permissive used to advantage open work like copyleft does today?

  12. Elsewhere: Mapping Open Business Models

    crosspost from the License Zero blog

  13. Bilking Angels

    celestial finance for earth-bound developers

  14. Unsustainability at Scale

    today’s tools for yesterday’s problems tomorrow