1. Square One

    fair terms. free forms. back to work.

  2. Doormat 1e

    free no-log, no-track privacy policy

  3. DMCASimple 1e

    another new first edition and website

  4. Turnstile 1e

    first edition and new website

  5. Security Services Terms

    giving a specialized field its due

  6. DMSimple

    plain and simple DMCA safe harbor terms

  7. Turnstile

    springboard website terms of service

  8. Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

    Californians probably can’t do advance directives right now, but that’s likely not what they need

  9. California Medical Directives at Home

    Can we get our end-of-life wishes down without breaking health orders?

  10. Medical Advance Directives Working Group

    looking for lawyers, translators, and editors

  11. CCPA Service Provider Addendum

    plain, minimal form

  12. PANDA for Privacy

    the NDA for your personal information

  13. Enterprise Ready Open Software License Supplement

    the status quo, plus money for devs

  14. Indie Open Source

    developing resource for indie-ready business models

  15. Critique This License

    developing a standard paid-software license

  16. Plain GDPR Processor Addendum

    open form plain-language processor addendum

  17. Plain Terms of Service

    open form terms of service for websites

  18. Switchmode Developer Agreement

    an open form contract for open source contractors

  19. Open Software Service Terms

    legal terms for paid web apps, now available in the English language