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Common Form

  1. Digging Contracts Out of the Hole

    simple tools for drafting to be proud of

  2. Transparent Contract Components

    sharper tools, finer toolmarks

  3. Lexical Scope for Contracts

    wandering ever closer to LISP

  4. Contract Components

    fine-grained means of abstraction in legal drafting

  5. Emancipation by Reference

    I am just a copy of a copy of a copy. Everything I say you have read before.

  6. Circulation Policy

    Confidentiality rules and procedures for the great Common Form library in the sky

  7. Annotations in Context

    A first attempt at useful, responsible Common Form annotations

  8. The Blanks Problem

    A tough Common Form design decision explained.

  9. Term Injection

    Fighting insertion of unexpected terms in automated form contracts

  10. Hacking Common Form

    Overview of existing Common Form software for programmers

  11. Terms of Service; Already Read

    Verifiable contracts should help consumers, too.

  12. Reproduction of Hierarchy

    Markdown isn’t great for contracts. HTML5 is better.

  13. Index Card Contracts

    Common Form for paper people

  14. Grab-Bag Contracts

    Might we write contracts like we fill shopping bags at the grocery store?

  15. vesting.js

    From code to law and back again

  16. Modularity is not the Law

    Ancient and modern principles of contract interpretation work against contracts made of modular parts