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Correlation and Causation Symbolsgood shorthand against bad mental shortcuts

I accidentally did myself a very good turn when it comes to taking notes. Using x→y for “x causes y” or “x implies y” but x∝y for “x correlates with y” or “x is proportional to y” helps remind me to distinguish causation and correlation.

Symbol Unicode HTML Entity Vim Digraph
U+9192 → Ctrl+K ->
U+2190 &larr; Ctrl+K <-
U+221D &prop; Ctrl+K 0(

Inverse correlations can also be expressed with ∝, as correlations to the reciprocal: x∝⅟y, x∝1/y, x∝y-1, or x∝y¹.

Symbol Unicode HTML Entity Vim Digraph
¹ U+00B9 &sup1; Ctrl+K 1S

I recall using for therefore and for because in grade school. I believe I saw those first in chemistry class. The arrows used in computer science and formal logic eventually won out in my personal shorthand.

Symbol Unicode HTML Entity Vim Digraph
U+2234 &therefore; Ctrl+K .:
U+2235 &because; Ctrl+K :.

It probably helps that legible lines are easier and faster to write by hand than dots. And that the causal directions of and are obvious.

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