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Upgrading to Debian Bullseyea couple hurdles jumped

I updated my trusty parts-bin T420s laptop from Debian “Buster” to the new Debian “Bullseye” today. It was the usual process of replacing codenames in /etc/apt.sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*, sudo apt update, sudo apt upgrade, and sudo apt full-upgrade. There were just a couple stumbles along the way:


WICD stopped working between sudo apt upgrade and sudo apt full-upgrade. Calls to apt started failing for lack of connectivity to the APT repos. Running wicd-curses, as I usually would to reconnect, led to an error about /usr/bin/python being missing. Running wicd-curses with the Python interpreter installed in my user directory yielded only more errors.

I overcame this by moving to Intel’s iNet Wireless Daemon, which I’d planned to do anyway, since trying it on some Arch installs. I downloaded the iwd Bullseye .deb package to a USB drive with another machine, copied it over, installed offline with sudo dpkg -i, and enabled with sudo systemctl enable iwd. Then I used iwctl to connect to house Wi-Fi—station wlan0 connect "$SSID" at the prompt—followed by sudo dhclient wlan0 to get connected. I eventually added an /etc/iwd/main.conf to enable automatic configuration:



GStreamer Plugin Overwrite

I ran into some sudo apt full-upgrade errors with GStreamer plugin packages trying to overwrite the same file. apt prompted for apt install --fix-broken calls to repair the problem, but those simply repeated the error. The solution turned out to be specifying a dpkg flag to apt: sudo apt --fix-broken install -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" just clobbers through the conflict. I’ll see how that holds up in time.


After almost twenty years running Debian, you expect quirks.

This wasn’t so bad.

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