April 22, 2020

redline.commonform.orgcompare Common Form markup online

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Thanks to Jamie Peabody, creator and maintainer of Mergely, I’ve just been able to add redline.commonform.org to the Common Form project. The new site builds on Mergely, with interface tweaks and default settings tuned specially for lawyers comparing legal language. The same settings I use to compare text on-the-fly all the time.

Jamie was not only kind enough to adapt his prior work to my spec, but also rebuffed several earnest attempts to compensate him for the trouble. Instead, I’ll be making donations to homeless relief and food security causes at his request. Swell guy!

Just like edit.commonform.org, announced earlier this week, the new redline site also builds on Marijn Haverbeke’s CodeMirror. That’s becoming a running theme for me, as I look for the simplest possible way to make the Common Form tools I’ve relied upon for years available to others in simple, intuitive ways.

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