March 22, 2020

notlegaladvice.lawshareable explainer page

I’ve published a new website,, that I can link to for explanation of “This is not legal advice.”, “I’m a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer.”, “for informational purposes only”, and similar disclaimers.

Others should feel free to link to and reference it as they see fit, and to send me constructive feedback by e-mail.

One analogy that occured to me while writing, but didn’t seem to fit on a general-interest page: The phrases we’re used to hearing before lawyer’s presentations work a bit like the warranty disclaimers and damages exclusions—the parts in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS—of open licenses. Programmers giving away software don’t want to face warranty or incompetence claims. Lawyers giving away legal information don’t want to face malpractice or competence claims.

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Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome by e-mail.

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