July 31, 2015

vesting.jsFrom code to law and back again

This post is part of a series, Common Form.

vesting is an npm package that calculates startup stock vesting. vesting-commonform is also an npm package that calculates startup stock vesting.

Each package exports a single JavaScript function. They take the same arguments.

vesting returns a function that calculates the number of vested shares, given the total shares subject to vesting, start date, and last day at work. vesting-commonform returns a Common Form vesting schedule using typical terminology and values for the fill-in-the-blanks it contains.

vesting and vesting-commonform are designed to produce equivalent results, given equivalent inputs. Another package, vesting-implement takes the output of vesting-commonform and produces the output of vesting. It’s verified with round-trip automated tests.

Code to legal. Legal to code.

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